How to Play Freebet Blackjack

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Canterbury Basic Training presents Freebet Blackjack in this installment of how to play casino games.

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How to Play Freebet Blackjack

3 thoughts on “How to Play Freebet Blackjack

  1. I'm from Windsor Ontario canada. the casino here were on strike for 2 month so after the strike was over with I went there and played black jack free bet and find it so much fun I walked away with 1300 dollar win. and after I came home I decided to go a week after and I won again 2100 dollar. so I was so lucky and smart. I played smart and very lucky. I m pretty much do 100℅ Basix strategy. very fun Game and I love the side bet 22 I had so many wins on that too.

  2. 1:24 she paid wrong it should be 150$ cause its 3 golds so it pays 30 to 1, so 30 x 5 = 150$

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