How To Win At Blackjack without Card Counting

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In this video, I describe how it is possible to double, even triple, your money at the blackjack table without resorting to card counting. In it, I give a few suggestions of methods you can use at the casino to put the odds in your favor. Among them are:

-Keys to splitting hands,
-When to double down,
-When to quit,
-Tips on using the electronic machines vs. hand-dealt games.

In addition, I would be glad to take your comments on situations that you have encountered at the table where you don’t know what to do. I have included some sample situations that have popped up at my blackjack table at times, but I know there are many, many more that can’t be covered. If you leave a video response, I will respond to it in a timely manner if you would want.

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How To Win At Blackjack without Card Counting

10 thoughts on “How To Win At Blackjack without Card Counting

  1. learn to count cards. know the rules. know every basic strategy play. learn to side count 5's and aces, some people side 2's. dont over bet. make sure you convert the running count into the true count. Now the hard part. Learn to get away with it and not be obvious. need a bankroll around 2k to play nickles and build it over time. Sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. Takes a lot of practice and patience. It does pay off

  2. There is lots of advice on here about game tactics however, the main factor in you losing money is quite simple,a lack money management and a staking plan, doubling up after a loss is a big no no, anyone going to a casino should master a staking plan before you even think about playing any game, if you dont , say goodbye to your money no matter how good your system may be.

  3. What an guy.  Not only is this kid an guy who thinks $40 is a lot of money, he is a terrible player giving horribly wrong advice.

  4. Sorry, but if you took $200 up to casino arizona and played blackjack …and used these useless tactics, you explain, you would get your bankroll smashed…$0

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