I played blackjack at every casino on the Las Vegas Strip

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I put $100 on a single hand of blackjack at every casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

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I played blackjack at every casino on the Las Vegas Strip

10 thoughts on “I played blackjack at every casino on the Las Vegas Strip

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  2. You need to learn how to play blackjack. I am not patient when it comes to playing blackjack. I hate 1 hitters people that join a table for 1 hand. And people who don't know when and not to split cards.

  3. The casinos operates like this you may be up a little in the VERY short-term and if ya quit then never go to another casino the rest of your life congrats you beat the casino but for the 100% that continue they'll get whatever money you feel like betting…essentially you are betting against math itself. If heads pays 50 and tails loses 52 even if you manage to pull off a miracle and flip 10 heads in a row and are up 500 it's gonna turn right back around on ya (bc all they offer are stupid bets) and you're gonna lose that 500 back plus alot more probably bc you had that "thrill" of winning temporarily…then chase your losses to get even annnnnd lose even more and then leave and kick yourself in the ass and hopefully in that moment you will say to yourself this is just stupid and realize the reason you see so many ppl betting 50 cents on the slots and almost nobody in the high-roller room (outside of maybe a top casino in Vegas) is bc everyone there is just paying to play and money lasts alot longer losing 50 cents than 30 bucks a spin or whatever so the question is how much do you want to lose?

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