Learn Blackjack Card Counting to Win MORE!

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Card counting is the core skill Blackjack players need to perfect in order to shift the game’s edge in their favor. Basic strategy, betting deviations and card counting is pretty much the trifecta of strats needed to maximize your winnings in the long run and push the house edge aside, making you, the player, dominate the game.

In this video, our host Erik will explain how to count cards with a system knows as Hi-Lo (high low), which entails assigning a +1, 0 and -1 value to specific cards in the shoe. With that knowledge, the player has to learn to keep track of the count as each and every card is shown. The number is then divided into a running count and true count. If this is starting to sound complicated, you’re not alone. Watch the video for a run-down of the basics and the rest is pretty much just practice!

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Learn Blackjack Card Counting to Win MORE!