Learn How to play Blackjack in Hindi – Basic Game Rules

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Blackjack is a game that is played between the player and the dealer. Each player competes with the dealer separately. This game is also popularly known as the 21 game.
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Let’s first see the cards score/points in the blackjack game:
Cards = Score
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 = Face Value
10 = J,Q,K
A = 1 or 11 based on condition/situation

Objective of blackjack game:

Your score should be higher than the dealer score by getting a count to as close to 21, but should not exceed the number 21.
If the dealer gets busted means, he scored more than 21.

Remember that if your hand value exceeds more than 21 you will bust, and the one with the lowest score loses the game.

Blackjack gameplay:
Before the deal begins, you will select the bet amount. After this, the dealer will deal 2 cards to each player and one card for himself.

If in the beginning, you scored natural blackjack means you scored 21, you will be the winner until or unless the dealer also scored the same, i.e. A-10 or any other face card with a value of 10 – K,Q or J.

If not, then you can press the Hit button. The dealer will draw another card for you, and this will continue until you decide to stop by clicking on stay or get busted. You must click stay when your score is closer to 21.

Let’s take 2 different example:
First one with an Ace card: Consider a dealer deals 5 and 4 to you. Your score will be 9. Now you have to click the hit button, and you got Ace. Now your score with Ace will be 5+4+11=20, which is much closer to 20. Now the dealer will only win if he scores blackjack means scores 21 points.
Ace card score will be considered as 1 only if including Ace your total score goes higher than 21.

Blackjack rules:
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Bet- Initial bet amount required to play the game.

Pass- If a player prefers not to play a particular round, he can opt for a ‘Pass’.

Hit- Ask for one more additional card. A player has to press the Hit button as many times as he can until he reaches a satisfactory number ≤21.

Stay- When a player decides to not ask for any further cards, he may choose to play ‘Stay’.

Bust- When the player or dealer total points/score exceed the number 21, he is busted and loses the game.

Split- When a player receives pockets mean two cards of the same face value. In such a case he can choose ‘Split’ and make two decks but for this player also then has to place another bet of the same size as the initial bet amount for the 2nd deck. He can ask for a ‘Hit/Stay’ for the two decks separately and can win/lose twice in the same round. I have explained this in the video in detail.

Double down- A ‘Double Down’ means double the bet amount and receiving just one card further from the dealer. Usually, players use this option when he/she has a total of 9, 10 or 11 points in the first deal and pressing this can lead him to score blackjack 21 or to the nearest.

Blackjack- This one we already discussed is a combination of an Ace and ten-point card i.e. 10, J, K, or Q. A player who scores blackjack wins instantly.

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Learn How to play Blackjack in Hindi – Basic Game Rules