“Let’s Play Some Cards” -Rain Man | Everything You Don’t Want to Hear…but Should | Podcast Ep. #7

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Bankrupting the casino! Beating the dealer isn’t always the easiest thing to do, in a game that is meant for you to lose. We’re lucky we walked away ahead! If you want to hear our Rain Man story, you’ll definitely want to stick this one out! .

What was supposed to be a relaxing New Years Eve evening, turned into an intense plan to take on the Casino. With little knowledge on how to truly play Blackjack, Jason and I spent hours on a Saturday to try and nail basic strategy. As with anything, one of the best ways to get good at basic strategy is by practicing. You do this by playing as many hands as you can in the least amount of time possible. This was exactly what we faced. Little time, lots to learn and money on the table. You’re going to want to stick around for this story!

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“Let’s Play Some Cards” -Rain Man | Everything You Don’t Want to Hear…but Should | Podcast Ep. #7