LIVE CRAPS GAME with Master Craps Dealer David | Casino Craps Let’s Play #2

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LIVE CRAPS GAME with Master Craps Dealer Las Vegas | Casino Craps Let’s Play #2

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LIVE CRAPS GAME with Master Craps Dealer David | Casino Craps Let’s Play #2

10 thoughts on “LIVE CRAPS GAME with Master Craps Dealer David | Casino Craps Let’s Play #2

  1. Thanks for watching! We loved all the engagement from the last Craps video. Give us your feedback and suggestions we will try to throw them into the next videos. Enjoy! — Alex

  2. Really enjoy watching all the CEG vids but especially these actual dice games.

  3. I think David's laugh is familiar? Bubble dice player maybe? First camera view, so we can see the rail

  4. Kind of off subject ….but….how do dealers feel about BJ advantage players and are they told to look for specific "tells"? If so, which ones?.THANKS

  5. say 3 3, rolls 3. say 6 6, rolls 6, say twenty two, rolls 2. How did lisa do that?

    say fifty five, rolls 5.
    That's wild.

    Watching these videos are a great way to warm up before dealing a live game.

    Can you guys make a video of a craps game including proposition bets?

    Congrats on the new space! Thanks for making these videos!

  6. Any chance you guys will make a video going over clever or funny stick calls?

  7. Thank you! Power press! I’m Vegas solo and feel super confident at tables because of these videos. Keep up the good work

  8. Do a video on the strean betting method
    Using the dont pass line bet.
    50 buck units

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