Meet Blackjack 🐴🧡

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Hi! Welcome to our channel! Meet Blackjack! (The girls in this video are from our local stables but don’t want their faces shown)

What are your names? Madison and Imogen
How old are you? Madison = 12 Imogen = 10
Do you own/loan any horses? No. We are in Pony Club and ride every week at our local stables.
When/What content will you be posting? We plan on posting about once or twice a week and we hope to post little video edits and some horse life hacks.
How long have you been riding? Well, we rode for about a year but didn’t learn much. Then we had about a 2 year break and started riding again October 2017. We have learnt much more at our new stable! 😊

Ask more questions in the comments 🙂

Old boy & loves to teach children the basics

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Meet Blackjack 🐴🧡