Poker Strategy — Introduction To ICM, The Independent Chip Model

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The Independent Chip Model, commonly referred to as ICM, is best understood by what it does, which is to assign a dollar value to your chip stack in a tournament, based on the amount of chips in play and the prize pool distribution. In this edition of Poker Strategy, Card Player TV catches up with two of tournament poker’s biggest stars, Yevgeniy Timoshenko and David Sands, to get a introduction to how ICM effects play in tournament poker.

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Poker Strategy — Introduction To ICM, The Independent Chip Model

7 thoughts on “Poker Strategy — Introduction To ICM, The Independent Chip Model

  1. Even though i make a lot less than these guys i disagree a bit, i mean if its 10 left and youre second and have a chance of playing with the big stack for a chance of getting a massive chip lead and the maybe be able to dominate the final table you should take it right??

  2. @guitalemao Well im winning more than most smallstakes players this year so its working… just hard to put in the hours to reach high stakes with school and all.

  3. @zaiivonhest yes , if chris moneymaker won the main event for millions of dollars , i presume any fish can random run good in one 4k mtt and thats all.
    man , just kidding, but go study icm before talking …

  4. Thank you Captain Obvious — just another stupid poker 'strategy' to overly complicate the obvious.  Here's a simple way to understand ICM instead of 'assigning value to your chips' — PROTECT THE CHIPS YOU'VE ALREADY WON. It's as important as winning more chips. Let the other players take unnecessary risks to knock out players – you win either way.  The end. That's all you need to know.

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