Six Blackjack Hands You’re Playing Wrong

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There’s always a right or a wrong play in blackjack. Players in casinos around the world tend to play these ones the wrong way, and it’s costing them money in the long run. Take a look at the math and help perfect your blackjack game!

You can find the Blackjack Hand Calculator here:


Calculations were for an eight-deck shoe, but the principles are applicable for six deck as well.

The note at the end to ‘always double your elevens’ does not apply to a Stand on Soft 17 game.

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Six Blackjack Hands You’re Playing Wrong

2 thoughts on “Six Blackjack Hands You’re Playing Wrong

  1. Can you explain the basic strategy when you do you next video. While your playing? Some of it don't make since. Like hitting a 16 on a plus 3 count.

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