10 thoughts on “Telly Savalas Black Jack

  1. Option to split 4s vs dealer 5 or 6(sometimes even vs dealer 4, #deck dependent) is a good play, never splitting 4's is very old school, however vs dealer 5 or 6 is OK to just double based on deck # and rules as well. Also always double your 11 vs dealer 10(# decks and rule dependent in a few cases). Of course if you are counting then rule change based on count. Know the rules and the # decks, never play tables that pay less than 3 to 2 for BJ. Learn basic strategy based on the table rules and # decks played and you should o fine.

  2. I won't lie and pretend like I knew about the legend that is Telly Savalas, or even watched Kojak or knew anything about it, but the man is certainly a gentleman, much respect for the guy. I know everything about Blackjack already but I watch this video just to hear Telly talk about the game and strategy lol Telly is a good guy. I remember hearing him tell that one ghost story, years before I knew who Telly was.

  3. What a man. To spend a week with telly in vegas. Would hardly sleep. The man is a living ledgend. R.I.P telly. Who loves ya baby.

  4. You can save yourself the trouble, this is garbage. Pause the video at 15:03 for proof. He thinks you should only hit on 12 or less if the dealer shows a 7. No Telly, hit on 16 or less. You want bad advice, listen to this guy.

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