The Chemistry of Addiction

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Hank describes how our brains respond biochemically to various addictive substances and behaviors and where those responses have come from, evolutionarily speaking.

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The Chemistry of Addiction

10 thoughts on “The Chemistry of Addiction

  1. So you explain how dopamine may not be linked to feeling good as addicts continue long after the tolerance has gone up so much that it's not desirable.

    Yet you say the meth addict create somthing that stops dopamine production and that results in them not getting the high.

    So in on your saying the dopamine doesn't cause the pleasure and in the other your saying yes it is responsible for the pleasure

  2. He says dopamine is not responsible for pleasure in one line, and says it is in another. Even the smart guy don't know what they're talking about.

  3. 10:54 I'm having trouble right now playing 2 video games on 2 phones and pausing your show to go back. While smoking.

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