Tried and Trusted Blackjack Tournament Strategy!

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Tried and Trusted Blackjack Tournament Strategy!

5 thoughts on “Tried and Trusted Blackjack Tournament Strategy!

  1. PROGRESSIVE BETTING SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK! IT HAS BEEN PROVEN! You just have small wins punctuated by large losses! So you end up losing A LOT more that you win!

  2. Despite my initial struggles I soon got the hang of the system and slowly began to have success. I found this  ►►►  system more high risk than the first system but even so I doubled my £200 starting deposit to £400 in just 2 hours

  3. Tournament blackjack is a special game. Ideally, you should sit at 3rd base, as your goal is to be the last man standing. You want the other players to lose.


    You’re at 3rd base, betting the minimum and everyone else is betting strong. Everyone has a decent hand, and you have a 14, while the dealer shows a 6. By hitting your 14 and busting, you sacrifice your minimum bet and take the dealer’s “bust card.” This will likely cause the dealer to make a hand and wipe out the rest of the table. Thus, eliminating your opponents’ chip stacks faster.

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