When Are You Ready to Count Cards in a Casino?

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After hundreds of hours practicing and perfecting your card counting skills, are you ready to head to the casino? What about practicing in the casino? How do you know when you should start playing in the casino? Thankfully, Colin has some answers and advice.

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When Are You Ready to Count Cards in a Casino?

10 thoughts on “When Are You Ready to Count Cards in a Casino?

  1. Really like your content..hope to meet you someday..thanks for your videos..killed it yesterday, with your system

  2. heres the biggest question i think you should answer for all card counters does card counting work on the basis of hitting till you get 17 if you are faced with a hit or do you have to follow basic strategy and just hit once? and it doesn't matter if you're quote on quote beating the dealers hand or not

  3. say for instance you're faced with a 14 against a dealer 7 and basic strategy tells you to hit and you get a 2 for sixteen do you then stand? or do you try to always go for 17?

  4. Good advice about not worrying about the size of the stack of (or lack of) chips.
    A good reminder to be well capitalized if possible. Better if 98% of your "stack of chips" is in your wallet and bankroll bank account..

  5. When I get to the casino i think I'm ready, but when I leave I'm not sure I'm ready. The cards have been just brutal so far.
    Question: how do you know when to call it a day? How many hours? Or is it based on something else? I'm either not sure or don't recall you discussing this. Thanks.

  6. If I’m using a 1-12 bet spread does that mean 12 units between two hands, so 6 on each hand? Or 12 units on each hand? Assuming $5k broll at 1% ror.

  7. Why is the true count important? In fact, what is the true count and how is it different than the actual count?

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