Why Card Counting Works

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How is it exactly that card counting gives you an advantage? When the count is high, won’t the dealer get just as many good cards as the player? If you’re interested in card counting, you had better know why it works.

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Why Card Counting Works

10 thoughts on “Why Card Counting Works

  1. Colin you are going to make people lose their shirt. Lots of people have lost counting cards and not everyone is blessed to have large bankroll to risk losing

  2. really love everything ive learned. but im concerned that 1k isnt enough to start playing small tables. also i live in Maryland as active duty military. i dont know what casinos have a table that would end up being profitable in my area. so far ive only been to LIVE! but quickly realized all there low minimum tables use a CSM. so I have only gone there to practice perfect basic strategy. Please, i would love your honest advice.

  3. 2:45 — FYI, the theoretically highest possible true count (i.e. nothing but 10's and aces left in the deck) is +52.

  4. How is it possible to count on tables with continuous shufflers; they are count proof? On tables w/o continuous shuffles, how do you outsmart the eye in the sky?

  5. So if the True Count is positive your likely to get high cards and should be betting but if the true count is negative you should be betting less or not at all ?

  6. If you know when the dealer has a bigger chance of busting, is making a large side bet (dealer bust) a good idea? Especially since they pay 3 to 1 vs a regular 1 to 1 win in blackjack

  7. Does card counting still work with eight deck shoes everywhere and if so is it as effective

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