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Risky Blackjack moves by JV produce some crazy game play but so fun to watch! Does following basic blackjack strategy always work? JV took a gamble here and played some hands you may not agree with but hey, it’s gambling right? Check out this fun session at the El Cortez in Las Vegas. $50 – $200 Bets and side bets are played as well. Thank you for watching!

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♠ Blackjack | Risky Plays With a $1,000 Buy-In | ♠ Real Casino Play♠

10 thoughts on “♠ Blackjack | Risky Plays With a $1,000 Buy-In | ♠ Real Casino Play♠

  1. Hi! We know you all will have lots to say about this session today…sometimes, he just likes to gamble. What can I say? A fun session to watch, to say the least. We are getting ready to head to Vegas again in a few days. I told him if he double downs on an eight on this trip, he's in big, big trouble…haha….thanks for watching!

  2. Nice video though, better luck n gd decisions next time! Happy weekend to u, stay safe 🙏🙏🙏

  3. I’ve seen twice the double a 8 against a low card and although sometimes it works out.. if you’re up, you’re up. At that point I say it’s being greedy. Take the one card and if you have to hit again hit.. but me personally.

  4. you play blackjack okay, but your money management really bad! +$600 up and you blew that win up 60%- RUN!!

  5. THE NEXT TIME YOU PLAY AT THE EL CORTEZ TRY THIS BETTING METHOD. FIRST BET $50. If you win the second bet is $25 ( a free bet) if you win again then the third bet is $50. the series is 2-1-2-3-4-5. you hit and win #5 bet go start series again $50.I'am 74 years old and been playing blackjack since 1970. Using this system i win 90% of the time. If i lose 4 straight i pack it up and go to another casino. The pit bosses hate me!! also don't play them "SIDE BETS" THEY ERODE YOUR WINNINGS!! TRY IT MY WAY- IT WORKS!

  6. Always fun and I’m trying to learn more by watching. .JV thinks and moves cautiously. I tend to win a little bit, then press. Which isn’t always good. Thank you and have a wonderful week. 😻👍🍀

  7. This is evidence that the casinos make more more offering double on any 2 cards than they make on the inferior double on 10 and 11 only games in Northern Nevada. You would not have been allowed to double on soft 17 Vs a 7 and 8 vs a 7.

  8. sometimes I think you work with casino because when you start play you won and in the last you lose

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