$500 Inside Press Craps Strategy combined with 4&10

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In this video I discuss another inside press strategy. This time I also incorporate the 4&10. At at $15 minimum table, the initial investment is $108 which is just a little cheaper than a $110 inside. The disadvantages are that on the first inside number it will cost me another $1 to pre $22 inside and I it may take longer to see winnings from inside numbers. The advantage is that I also pick up the 4&10 which I will use to just collect winnings from the start.

How to Play:
1. Wait for point to be established. Place bets will always follow the puck
2. Place $106 across ($66 inside and $20 each on the 4&10). This will also incur a $2 VIG to buy the 4&10
3. If first hit is an inside number hit, drop $1 to dealer and press $22 inside. If first hit is a 4/10, press each by $5 and rack $30. 4&10 will stay at this level.
4. Each additional inside number that hits, press by $22 inside. Collect $50 for $1 on 4&10
5. If 7 out, replace initial bet with whatever level you were at and continue process.
6. Regress at your desire. I recommend 3 hits with bets pressed to $154 inside and then regress to table minimum.
7. Repeat until you hit win goal.

The opinions in this video are not guaranteed or warranty to produce any particular result. This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only. I am a novice play and produce these videos to spread my love of the game.
Any form of gambling carries an inherent risk. Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Anyone who believes they, or someone they know, may have a gambling addiction, please seek help. National Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-522-4700 Call Text or Chat NCPGambling.org
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$500 Inside Press Craps Strategy combined with 4&10

10 thoughts on “$500 Inside Press Craps Strategy combined with 4&10

  1. Great video Mike! I like the pressure and levels here. Inside pressure strategies are the theme of the week I guess lol! Everyone thinking a like

  2. like it! you have to be willing to press to make the dough though. because things like point 7 happen, you have to adapt the hit then press hit then press to break the table

    nice video bud! I like the good and bad that you bring to the table to bring the facts!!!

  3. great video Mike I really enjoy the content…. incidentally where do you purchase the chip separators?

  4. I like this approach, especially adding the 4&10. I personally feel like you would need to have a set point or amount where you regress & start over. Maybe after the 4th inside hit, or when the shooter makes the point. I like to play the 4&10 really aggressively and triple lux them & regress. I treat them as my jackpot numbers.

  5. Mike, U nailed it again! Walk away! Smartest move on a crap table. Great video, like the way u kept all ur place bets amount accurate, so we as viewers know exactly how much we have working. Thxs. Keep it up!

  6. Anything with the 4&10 and inside ladder type play is right up my alley brother! Great video

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