[1 Read Only Series] Baccarat Strategies: Left-Sided Long Inversions + 10 Times + A Winner or Loser?

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Sup YT and the BFX Fam?

Welcome back to another 1 Read Only series where we play 10 times and show you win or lose what the final outcome is, and tonight we hold nothing back as we test the Left-Sided Long Inversion.

If you recall, the last video we did on Right-Sided Long Inversions, proved that betting Underdog was the WRONG way to play it, and as such, the Underdog bet would prevail playing the Long Inversion to the left…. right?

Watch and see for yourself.

The final outcome for this read ended with an 8 dominant over 2 losses!

This read by itself is a winner and can be used to bank profits, on fast in, fast out winning strategies in Baccarat.

Keep in mind, that it takes a long time for these symbols to appear, so it’s advised that you play this with an arsenal of other patterns and reads so the game doesn’t drag on or worse you never get to play a hand.

Let me know what you think of this read in the comments below, and please say something nice, as it takes me A LONG TIME to do these videos since I’m literally just sitting here waiting for the read so I can show you the next result.

Stay tuned for next week’s 1 Read Only series as well.

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[1 Read Only Series] Baccarat Strategies: Left-Sided Long Inversions + 10 Times + A Winner or Loser?

10 thoughts on “[1 Read Only Series] Baccarat Strategies: Left-Sided Long Inversions + 10 Times + A Winner or Loser?

  1. Wow bro that's a nice symbol over there. 8-2 dominance! I tried a similar symbol like that before where in ill bet on the underdog if i saw a 2-3 streak of either banker or player. It was also a success on my end. Love your videos bro! As always, cash flow!

  2. Hi Brunson! I really enjoy your pro game! I'd be happy to become a bfx member, but I am unable because I am from Russia. Is there any different option to donate through other services, e.g. paypal?

  3. Great Vid. Thanks. Undoubtedly it took you a LONG time to make this one cuz these long inversions can sometimes be as scarce as hen's teeth. I was glad to see your balance climb from 14.5K all the way to almost 16.2K. Nice !!! BING, Cashflow, Baby.

  4. Okay, first and foremost, I dont get the point of any dislikes on the video! It's so clear what BFX is showing. Dont hate on something that clearly makes profit. What makes you succeed isnt the reads alone but bet selection, money management and discipline. If you could see how much money Brunson has one just today alone playing the reads he teaches over at BFXGAMING.COM and on the Elite side, its amazing. Trust me, I have been playing applying the techniques learned at BFXGAMING.COM and the Elite members only area and my profits are even higher then before. It's so clear how easy this game is and how easy it is to see the easy way to make money in this game. I promise you if you go over to BFXGAMING.COM and join us, you will learn how to stop being a negative player and see your positive profits.

    Just remember no one should play for an extremely long time, you set your goals whether its win or lose for the day, STOP, rinse and repeat the next day.

    Believe me I'm just an average player like all you viewers who has taken the time to study, practice and apply what I've learned and learned at BFXGAMING.COM and banger rang! JOIN NOW!

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  6. Hi brunson. Good to see your videos as always. Cashflow. Please let us know if we can send money other than cash app because today I tried to send money and that app is not available here

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