£1,500 🆚 Live Blackjack! High risk Blackjack Strategy

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Big bets = big wins?
In tonight’s stream I’m wagering a massive £1,500 vs live blackjack in the hope of securing a big win in this high risk blackjack strategy.
My target may be £500, but I am going in big on this £1,500 vs live blackjack session.

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£1,500 🆚  Live Blackjack! High risk Blackjack Strategy

10 thoughts on “£1,500 🆚 Live Blackjack! High risk Blackjack Strategy

  1. Was at local casino yesterday, $100 on blackjack table $15 min bets…walked away with over $100 profit…I'M A HAPPY CAMPER TODAY

  2. wait, your bankroll is $1,500 and your placing $500 bets? unless this is just money u don't care to lose that's TERRIBLE bankroll management

  3. You was lucky there when the dealer took a extra card when only you was still inn on 13 when the dealer had 15 and then even took a other card.. gratz well done

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