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Francisco asks a great question about playing in fishy poker games where players consistently limp/call preflop and simply refuse to fold when facing isolation raises. While most players avoid raising anything other than monsters and instead implement a wide “limp-behind” strategy – SplitSuit offers another option that is often overlooked. Larger sizing, coupled with the ability to plan ahead, can do plenty of good things that a “typical raise size” would fail to do in this dynamic.

Concepts include the types of hands to limp-behind with, the kinds of hands to AVOID limping with (hint: J♦5♦), and the kinds of sizes that can break even limp/cally players out of their comfort zone. If you play in weaker games with heaps of preflop action – this conversation is a must!

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Playing Preflop When Fish NEVER FOLD | SplitSuit

10 thoughts on “Playing Preflop When Fish NEVER FOLD | SplitSuit

  1. Another thing I'll do is I'll donk bet if I smash the flop with a garbage hand but if I expect someone to bet I'll wait till they bet and I might even go all in instead.

  2. another thing I might do although it is risky is I'll raise exactly what I think every limper will call with aces like say 60 chips at the beginning of a game with a 1500 stack then on the flop I'll go all in, this can be vary dangerous so it is hard to suggest but I had tables where there was 5 limpers at the early stages of the game and obviously all of them will call 60 if they already called 20 so the pot will be 360 including your bet assuming nobody folds and if you expect someone to make a fish bet on the flop like 30 or 60 into a 300 pot I'd let them bet first or even before the flop if you think you could raise 65 or 70 chips and they all will call then do that instead. If you get called you could be beat but you would be surprised how often you'll get a "top pair call" with a duce kicker or even a middle pair but about 1/4 of the time someone will call you that actually has you beat, most of the time everyone will fold and a lot of times you'll get a bad call and knock someone out of the game and take the pot and their chips and you might even get a hitchhiker going for a flush which would be bad because they have pot odds to actually make the call because it would be over 3 to 1 on their money and they do have about a 33% chance at winning making the call justified but ask yourself this "if you win that hand and someone makes a bad call could you win the whole sit and go" or if they all fold could you win the sit and go otherwise? You could stagger your bet with aces or kings and pray someone calls you but if you have been playing tight you are risking everyone folding the hand with a big bet.

  3. It's tough to raise 10BB when everybody is limping in every hand. If you do that the other players will leave and you won't have a game. The good news is you know you are playing against weaker players. They don't have any idea how you are playing. They don't know if you are folding a lot or playing every hand. Play stronger hands in postion more often. No need for a bluffing range (or trying to use ranges at all). Play like that is what is going on and you will win, you should be able to outplay them post-flop. Enjoy the game as it is, or move along to a better game.

  4. I like to limp a little more but still folding all the garbage. Narrowing my opening range. Just seeing cheap flops with top 20-30% of hands. These people also love to call post flop so just value bet them to death.

  5. I ran into this problem recently. playing live 1-3 raising 20 preflop 2-5 callers. I made a few mistakes of raising bottom of my range and getting muti-way with AQ,QQ,KQ,99,88,66 and ATo and I lost every pot I opened

  6. Thanks for confirming my thoughts after last night's tourney, whole table limped to me on the button ,raised 4.5bb with AK Got 2 callers.Flop comes A67 ,utg throws 3/4 pot in next to act folds and I get my chips in good forcing her all in,she reveals 78 off suit so I'm feeling like I got value before the turn and river roll out 7 7 pmsl .ill try 8bb preflop in same situation next time to isolate but even still,on the flop these fish are getting all in with 1 pair of 7s and the like and I'm getting out drawn over and over again.Starting to think the $25 MTT are to loose and I should play at higher stakes but less frequently

  7. I play a local casino, and it's gotten to the point that even going all in at 100 BB gets 4-5 callers. It's insanity. It's become bingo, and I'm sick of it. Doesn't even feel like poker anymore, it's just luck. Wondering if it's a trend coming up in poker, or if it's just my dumb local casino.

  8. My last 1-3 game I raised from 20 all the way to 50. 50 was when I finally got people to start folding. Most hands had atleast 4 callers it was crazy. I hate limping and end up in bad spots later in the hands

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