Best Roulette Strategy Around !!! Works Every time

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Best Roulette Strategy Around !!! Works Every Time. This roulette System works every time you just have to stick with. Patience is key in roulette. This system requires a $200 bankroll to start with. 10 units should be placed on the first 12, 10 units on the second 12 and 5 units on the 28-33 street. Win or lose bet the same thing until you reach your goal.

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Best Roulette Strategy Around !!! Works Every time

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  2. Hello, Makeshift thank you very much for your vidéos who are very interestings please
    could you make vidéos with straight number. Have a nice day, bye bye, see you soon.😉😎

  3. Randi, you seem to call a lot of the systems "the best" although there are several good systems they are not all "the best".

  4. Yeah, but you're only winning five bucks at a time. You lose lose $ it takes five wins to make up your loss. Eventually this is will end your bankroll.

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