$2.5K High Limit Blackjack Session

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For the first time ever! JV gambles on high limit Blackjack with minimum bets of $100 up to $500 a hand. Filmed on location at the Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas, NV. JV plays basic strategy double deck Blackjack. This is a nail biter of a session!

NOTE: Vegas Gamblers play with real money in a real casino with permission from the casino to film. We are not sponsored in any way. We receive no promotional chips and all wins and losses are authentic. Thanks for watching.

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$2.5K High Limit Blackjack Session

10 thoughts on “$2.5K High Limit Blackjack Session

  1. Great session except when you won $250 at 13:20 then chicken bad the bet for $100. Should have rode the momentum but I see that you're counting your chips and fear of going below your initial buy in of $2.5K. Bet more with their winnings instead of regressing back to min. Also, should have played two hands if you had lost 3 in a row. Again, you didn't take advantage of the 3rd shoe in the beginning. Amateur. Stick to flat betting and the cheat cards. Counting is the only way to go.

  2. You played well but as we all know, if you don't win the double downs, you don't win. Just two of those double downs cost you $800. Hit just one of them and you go home a winner.

  3. Great session by the way! Even though you missed an opportunity there with the Fortune Blackjack Pays of the 678 about 8:30 mins into the video. Money 🤑!

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