9 Easy-to-Learn Blackjack Deviations for Hi-Low Card Counters (Illustrious 18) Positive Count

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Hello everyone and welcome to my 885 Blackjack channel on YouTube. In this video I will discuss 9 Blackjack Deviations. These deviations are very easy to learn for newer card counters who have already mastered basic strategy and some card counting. If you’re looking to take your game from amateur card counter to intermediate, these deviations get you half-way to the Illustrious 18. In fact, most professional card counters memorize up to 50 Blackjack Basic Strategy Deviations–based on the count. Thanks for watching everyone! Please be sure to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to the channel! Good Luck!

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9 Easy-to-Learn Blackjack Deviations for Hi-Low Card Counters (Illustrious 18) Positive Count

8 thoughts on “9 Easy-to-Learn Blackjack Deviations for Hi-Low Card Counters (Illustrious 18) Positive Count

  1. I joined when it premiered, so I restarted the video and watched it back. Good idea to list them in order of True Count!

  2. Anson, I saw your message in the chat. You will always Surrender 16 VS 10. If you do not have surrender, you will hit at running -1 and below. And you are supposed to stand at 0 and stronger. I'm sure you will find a lot of counters who hit 16 vs 10 at zero, however, in 6 deck without surrender. The correct deviation on Zero is technically Stand.

  3. Very good video; the new Resorts World will open on June 24th so I hope you will go there and give us your review, hopefully they won't have the silly 6 to 5 blackjack and the perpetual shuffle machines.

  4. Good video, Michael. Sorry I missed you while in Vegas. Since my local play is 6d games it was a bit of a re-learning curve (with the deviations) playing the dd game at the casino I stayed at. Wound up not playing anywhere else. Played short sessions at all three shifts (played poker in between). Did not have a loosing session. Hoping that I was able to hide my advantage play with cover bets, rat-holing, my tourist act. Didn't allow each floor to see my max betting cycle more than once. We'll see if good comp offers come from this casino again. It was my most profitable Vegas trip yet.

  5. I'm glad you pointed out Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong .. Especially for counters looking for full indices … Good video

  6. The video starts off a little slow, so I apologize for that. You can jump right to (2:10) for the Deviations

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