BAD IDEA to Count Cards in Las Vegas (Here’s Why)

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Anytime I meet a serious gambler who knows I count cards for a living I get the question: “Do you play a lot in Las Vegas?” Las Vegas is the birthplace of card counting and is, supposedly, the best place to play. However a lot has changed in Las Vegas for Card Counting & Blackjack over the years. In this video Colin lays out 5 reasons why Vegas sucks for Card Counting & what you need to know to prepare yourself before playing blackjack in Las Vegas.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Bad Rules
1:50 Table Minimums
2:50 Backoffs & Surveillance
3:48 Distances
4:22 Better Options
5:11 Is Vegas still beatable?
6:26 Learn More

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BAD IDEA to Count Cards in Las Vegas (Here’s Why)

10 thoughts on “BAD IDEA to Count Cards in Las Vegas (Here’s Why)

  1. My Bootcamp weekend (years ago) I was able to play $25/min DD 3:2 with good rules and good pen. My last trip that same casino only had CSM Blackjack 🙄.

  2. Collin: a surveillence agent I know was telling me that they actually use videos from casino youtubers, including your channel, to improve their ability to keep up with advances in cheating and card counting methods.

    Do you feel that the increased amount of card counting info out there (even compared to just 5-10 years ago) as a result of youtubers such as yourself and others have resulted in an oversaturation of card counters and has contributed to the casinos implimenting all these measure to compete against them?

  3. Joe 748 behind the camera showing his face in Vegas, as he’s banned everywhere anyway😂😂😂

  4. As we see newer / younger generations the gaming industry / casinos have become greedier and greedier.
    They're pigs 🤬 and in some ways I believe it costs them other business. The good ol' days of buffets that were reasonably priced and other food and drink.. it's become crazy! 🤯

  5. Question….in the book Knock Out Blackjack they use 7's as a plus count….so you dont have to know true count???

  6. From what I've observed, it seems to me that the Wonging approach would be effective, if they don't restrict you to table minimum, forbid mid shoe entry, or shuffle up. Visiting again on another session if you don't get caught helps too.

  7. You have to play off strip if you are going to play in Vegas. The Orleans, almost all the tables are DD 3:2 blackjack for example

  8. I'm binging this stuff lately, bought the app, been reading books and studying basic strategy charts. Really considering trying to attend a boot camp at some point. Keep making the videos, love 'em

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