Betting Strategy Setup and Practice (2018) (CVCX tutorial)

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See how to use Casino Verite CVCX to create a blackjack strategy and then practice to improve your skills. Just like any skill or sport you need to practice more than you play.

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Betting Strategy Setup and Practice (2018) (CVCX tutorial)

10 thoughts on “Betting Strategy Setup and Practice (2018) (CVCX tutorial)

  1. I like your video. What pisses me off is other people lol and how they play as if 10 hands should go a certain way…it’s all about the consistency and slow play

  2. I don't see the comment now but 1234drew30
    said "
    Why did you split 2s vs an 8 at 21:40 ? "
    Actually I didn't but it points out an oversight on my part. I should have made it clear in the video that I am playing spot 2 and the computer is playing all of the other spots. The computer split 2's vs 8 probably because I had that spot set to bad player in the settings of the software.Thanks for pointing that out. I will be more clear in future videos.

  3. I enjoy your vids and usually agree with everything BUT @ 16:30 the RC was 3 with 5 decks left……the TC is not 1 yet.

  4. You said this isn't the count system you use, can I ask what system you do use? No biggie if you don't want to say, thanks for the vids

  5. Pretty cool but wouldn’t practice with a real shoe and cards be better?Anyway great video!

  6. Last time I went to a casino (1 week ago) I actually gained 180 dollars but would have lost 100 dollars if I had played basic strategy. The 280 dollar difference is because I doubled down on 10 against A on a 55 dollar bet because the count was just high enough to justify doing so, and I got a 10 and won…. and then I doubled down on 10 against 10 on a 75 dollar bet with the count again just high enough to justify it, and won, but I would have LOST if I had played basic strategy, because I was dealt a 5, but the dealer busted anyway (the next card after the 5 was an 8 so that would have been MY 8 if I had hit and hit again). So in total, the "index plays" as you say it, I gained 110 one hand instead of 55, and gained 150 instead of losing 75 in another. Thus a 280 dollar difference. Though I also bought 20$ worth of insurance on the first one against the ace so maybe you could say I'd have been 80 behind not 100. Actually every insurance I took the whole day failed so maybe I would have been more like 50 behind if that counts.

  7. DarkStar has helped me more by responding to my comments than any other site and he is clearly helping us out of good motives rather than profit or gain for himself. He also referred me to wizaedofodds for more help when he could have taken credit for his achievements.

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