Blackjack – $1,000 VS. Vegas Using Perfect Basic Strategy

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Does using perfect basic strategy help your Blackjack game? Watch JV at a Las Vegas casino with Blackjack bets from $50 – $150 per hand on a double deck game. Lots of splits and doubles in today’s session.
NOTE: All casino games are real and NOT simulated. We play with our own money and are not sponsored by the casino. All wins and losses are real. Filmed on location with permission.

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Blackjack – $1,000 VS. Vegas Using Perfect Basic Strategy

10 thoughts on “Blackjack – $1,000 VS. Vegas Using Perfect Basic Strategy

  1. Where we both stood after each shoe…..Shoe #1 I was at $1,787.50/$950 for you! #2 $2,012.50/$975 and last shoe $2,637.50/$675 for you…..

  2. Well, it was the truth – perfect basic strategy the whole way through. Shame it didn't go better, but I wish more people played dead-on as you do by the book.

  3. Classic crap. You got 18, dealer gets 19> you get 19 dealer gets 20 >. Dealer gets bust card and doesn’t bust. Play 2 hands to shake it up, doesn’t help. Surprised you didn’t loose more. You played well, just the blackjack gods said no. Get ‘em next time.

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