10 thoughts on “Blackjack Betting Strategy

  1. IDK if this video is a straight joke or not. Hearing the "can't lose 4 hands in a row" is hilarious. I've loss $14,000 over 10 hand of playing $1ka hand and playing 2 hands at times. So thats why this video seems funny to me

  2. dumbest strategy ever. this guy knows nothing about blackjack. did he actually say its unlikely to lose 4 in a row. he's a moron. I've lost 10 in a row a lot of times. u easily lose 6 or 7 times in a row in blackjack

  3. OMG … Pitbull is now teaching us how to lose a Blackjack bankroll … and his English has vastly improved! Thank you Mr. Worldwide!

  4. That's exactly how I played last week and won 206 and cashed out when the cards turned against me

  5. Stupidest.. every 7 hours in each table.. 10 times continuous loss happens. And if use martingale . U r fd

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