Blackjack – EXTREMELY lucky comeback!

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Recently I’ve started playing a few more live casino games, which include blackjack, dream catcher and roulette. This time the session was kind of cold and I tried to go all in the hand before, but after backing my bets I couldn’t put as much on. Getting one more hand was probably the best thing that could happen though as I hit trips + perfect pair on the side bets.

Side bets in general has way worse odds than playing only your blackjack hand but it’s also more volatile, hence I like to do it at times.

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Blackjack – EXTREMELY lucky comeback!

10 thoughts on “Blackjack – EXTREMELY lucky comeback!

  1. Watched this and according to 'right side-bar' on Youtube (desktop version) you're live now. Then I realised only 9 people are watching, channel only has 27 subs and it's a very old vid. Just FYI not sure if it's legit but people are asking you questions thinking it's live

  2. On the first hand you would have 12:1 because that was a colored pair, not 6:1 🙂

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