Blackjack • Fire start and good finish @ a Las Vegas Casino

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Good Blackjack shoe right out of the gate. JV plays double deck Blackjack at the Boulder Station casino using basic strategy for the best player odds.
He’s on a good run this month!
Blackjack every Tuesday, Friday on Vegas Gamblers.
NOTE: Vegas Gamblers play live Blackjack with REAL money at a REAL casino. These are not simulation home games. We are not sponsored by any casino and play with our own money. ALL wins and losses are REAL.
We ALWAYS tip our dealer at the end of our 2 hour session win or lose. This can be seen on the last session of every filming day. Thank you.

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Blackjack • Fire start and good finish @ a Las Vegas Casino

10 thoughts on “Blackjack • Fire start and good finish @ a Las Vegas Casino

  1. Well right on right on!! Fun little session today.. those DD’s were awesome in the beginning!!!

  2. I need to go back to see if there was any blackjacks. I think I remember one. Any win is a good win. Kind of a obvious thing to say I guess. Happy St paddy’s day🎉

  3. I love these sessions. I wish you would do it live.. as I'm sitting here keeping count

  4. I have a question. Towards the end of the session the player received two aces. why did he double down instead of splitting?

  5. I played at Boulder yesterday and got destroyed couldn’t win consistently.

  6. 13:31 why do you have to wave off 21? Kinda silly doing it. It's not like you gonna take anymore cards??!!! It's the same as when you got a blackjack and the dealer have to check the mirror for his. Just flip it open.

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