Blackjack: No Bust vs Basic

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There are no absolutes. Money Management and discipline wins in the end.

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Blackjack: No Bust vs Basic

9 thoughts on “Blackjack: No Bust vs Basic

  1. From ace-ten:The no bust blackjck strategy is clearly foolish when facing a high upcard, when the dealer has a high probability of having a pat hand. It fares no better when you consider the chances across the spectrum of all possible situations.

    First, a player will be dealt a bust hand (one he will not hit by the no-bust rule) in 38.46% of all situations and as probability goes, he will lost 66.85% of them. This guarantees the house a 25.71% advantage over the player in these situations.

    Second, a no-bust player will only hit a hand of eleven or less, or a soft (hence unbreakable) hand of 12 to 16. This counts for only 26.63% of all possible two-card hands. What’s more, the chances are still 44.96% that the first hit will result in a bust handβ€”less than 17, but still breakableβ€”and the player will also lose 66.85% of these.

    Finally, the probability that a player will be dealt a pat hand (17 or greater) at the onset is only 34.91%, and the chance of bringing an unbreakable hand to a tenable total only 14.65%. This gives the no bust player a 49.56% chance of making a tenable hand at all; there is no guarantee that these hands will win: the dealer has a 52.24% chance of beating a pat 17, a 38.37% chance of beating a pat 18, and so on.

    In the end, the odds are no bust player faces are even worse than if he had played his hand according to house rules which makes the no bust strategy a clear loser.

  2. Thanks for your content Ken on all the games but especially the other aspects of play whether a table game or sports betting

  3. Thanks for another good video. No bust in most situations is definitely not the way to play long term. Keep the videos coming.

  4. I've been trying to push discipline and money management since I started on YouTube. It can't be overemphasized. Kudos.

  5. Ken, during your soft 17 scenario, I would have liked seeing what happens, had you followed basic, put the 7 as your draw card and then hit the dealer 15 from the shoe. Same thing with the 12 vs 2. However, either way, the video was interesting. I'd like to know your thoughts on splitting and re-splitting pairs. Also, doubling on splits. Cheers…

  6. Dear Ken, please rewind to 21.08 where dealer draws 5 & you draw A + 6, hence you doubled down! However, after a player has doubled down, he has to draw one card only regardless! You cannot in this case stand on the original A + 6! Please correct me if I'm wrong! TQ

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