Blackjack Side Bets – Card Counting

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Colin and Ben discuss blackjack side-bets and how some of them can be beaten with conventional card counting.

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Blackjack Side Bets – Card Counting

8 thoughts on “Blackjack Side Bets – Card Counting

  1. My casino has the "in between" side bets. This seems to be more beatable when the count is low. Overall, though, I know that the casino has the advantage on these, so I rarely put down $. Today I was playing at a table with side bets. I was regretting that I hadn't taken a bet, because I got two 4's and the dealer's upcard was 4. It pays out 30 to 1. I would have gotten $150 if I had had a $5 on it.

  2. Hey BJA!

    What's up?

    What about the "Lucky Lucky" side bet? Is there a count in which you can play that?

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  4. i have watch every single card counting video on you tube and not once do they mention the fact you are not just keeping a tally of value cards but also all cards

    not memorizing them but subtracting each total taken from the shoe and running the number's

  5. I've been trying card counting for a few years now. Nothing too serious. I have put several hundreds of dollars into casinos and I'd say I have about a net loss of 100-200. Sounds stupid but I get duped by the casino. Even if I win at blackjack, I put money on the poker table, etc. I guess they don't need the jokers in the deck because they already have me

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