Blackjack • The Cards Swing My Way for a Winning Comeback!

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Blackjack comeback with a single shoe swinging my way. Live double deck Blackjack filmed at Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas, NV. Practice your card counting here while watching our gambling videos! JV plays basic strategy here as these are the best odds for the player. Please gamble responsibly!
Double deck Blackjack with basic strategy play. $50 – $250 bets. Thanks for watching!!

NOTE: Vegas Gamblers are not sponsored by any casino. We play with our own money in a real casino. All video is filmed with permission from Boulder Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

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~ Tanya & JV

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Blackjack • The Cards Swing My Way for a Winning Comeback!

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  1. We love you too thanks for sticking to the blackjack schedule f YouTube strikes you guys are great

  2. Played it back, that 6-6 vs. a 6 hand around 6m in, if you had split then doubled on the first hand, you would have gotten another 6 then doubled again, then doubled on the third hand, you would have had a $300 hand and the dealer would have ended up with a 22. Too risky a play for you? I've heard that if you are going to hit two cards against a dealer 6 then double em…or is that not "the book" play? 🤔

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