Blackjack Training Sneak Peek (2019) (DarkStar)

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Highlights from a introductory training conducted by DarkStar at an undisclosed location. These students are new to the game of Blackjack. So this is a very basic class. Students asked great questions and a number of important concepts were discussed.

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Blackjack Training Sneak Peek (2019) (DarkStar)

10 thoughts on “Blackjack Training Sneak Peek (2019) (DarkStar)

  1. Hey Darkstar. Been checking out your videos for awhile and looking for some advice as I'm starting with a smaller bankroll. 5k. Any suggestions for a spread to use? 1-12 brings alot of risk from what I've seen. Minimum 10$

  2. Hi Darkstar, I’m new to card counting and not sure exactly what the best games and rules are, could you go over what optimal rules are? And maybe some games we should stay away from? Thanks!

  3. i use a count system like KO with my own deviations adapted from hi lo to a unbalanced system.. on some of cards are 2 count not 1.. it seems to do better then hi lo or KO but often i lose my bank roll still.. at 200.00 do you have advise on how many decks out any card system is ok to start using.. i start to trust it at 1 deck dealt out.. and bank roll max to ever bet at 200.00? i really am a beginner but really jumping into this .? i appreciate your input.

  4. Very glad I stumbled across your page…it's filled with great content, proudly subscribed right away and look forward to great new videos from you and just basically taking 2019 by storm. Going to make 2019 my year! …message to all casinos.. " I think I want my money back !"hahaha cheers!!!

  5. Hi Dark Star, I've been struggling to see how "Card Counting" even works anymore. I have used CVCX to calculate bet spreads and risk of ruin. I'm currently testing it out Casino Verite. I got completely wiped cleaned. There was 1.3% chance of this result. I've tried it twice and still failed. I know I am playing 100% perfectly because the second time I just played by what the guide told me instead of my own doing. I still lost everything. I believe 100% either card counting does not work or CVCX or casino verite is flawed.

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