Can Side Bets Be Beaten? The Truth About Blackjack Side Bets

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Casinos are not offering side bets for your financial benefit, so why would you play them? In this video, Colin shares the truth about Blackjack side bets and why card counters may or may not want to play them.

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Can Side Bets Be Beaten? The Truth About Blackjack Side Bets

10 thoughts on “Can Side Bets Be Beaten? The Truth About Blackjack Side Bets

  1. what's everyones thoughts on a hitter? are they trolls? are the literally making honest mistakes? or are they hired help to throw a count off.. for instance say 98% of a table stands on a basic strat hand, but that 1 or 2% that hits on say a 20? this is a big flaw I've seen w online cards. your thoughts please.

  2. LUCKY LADIES AT +6 that was my anxious FUN and I’ll admit I let my gut decide the ace count. I played not to lose at +7 yeah haha . Counting cards was a god send to my addictive gambling habit, I finally won and gave it up moved on thank you Collin 🙏 The feeling of hitting two suited 10’s in a row for max bet is pretty indescribable when it happens the first time. The confidence of knowing you know how to beat an unbeatable and everyone else is attempted sucker. you can relax and enjoy the fun with the people who are really there for fun to blow money.. is great memories thanks again I’m over it and out until I want to stir up controversy using Neurolink Google ContactLenses or whatever shuffle tracking the suited matches.

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  4. Great site Colin! However Eliot Jacobson is saying in his video 'SEVEN reasons to never count cards' that the win rate is a lot lower than the numbers you have suggested. I am not saying you are wrong, it's just Eliot Jacobson is someone who has been on the scene for a long time and has a lot of integrity.

  5. I won so much in sidebets, the main bet not even close to half of the winnings from sidebets…maybe I’m just a lucky guy

  6. For those who want to play it
    Thank me later🤗

  7. Hi Colin I want to give a big thanks to you. You helped me learn to count cards all through your videos. over the course of 2 years now I've been constantly practicing starting at probably the very last 1 dollar minimum bet table in America. lol. It was a cheap way of learning . There is no longer a 1 dollar minimum bet table in Fargo ND now. However now I average 25 an hour now on micro bankrolls and I win so often I'm starting to miss not winning. 😀 You taught me, and it's a skill that's always going to stick with me. Thank you

  8. Nope not wen the deck is fully shuffled the house has more advantage if the decks fresh….. When a dealer doesn't let u sit at a table when the decks low or half way walk away…. If they ask you to sit after it's cuz the deck is shuffled u will loose all bets I lost 300 bux at san manuel…… Learned well

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