Card Counter’s Worst Nightmare!

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In this first video of a 6 part Card Counting Series, I head to the southern states of America to play high stakes blackjack. Will my previous Beat The Odds series have caused me to be too well known to count cards?

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Card Counter’s Worst Nightmare!

10 thoughts on “Card Counter’s Worst Nightmare!

  1. HELLO!

    Just wanna say, it feels great to be able to spend 6 months working on this series and still have an engaged audience! Thank you for waiting! 😃
    I decided a while back I was only going to post videos I'm proud of and I felt like you'd all really like. So I hope it's been worth the wait!

    Replying to as many comments as possible over the next few days!

    Oh yeah, follow me on twitter before the whole company collapses: @StevenBridges
    And insta if you wanna see me post once every few months: @StevenBridges

  2. Here's to hoping you get to 500k subscribers soon and I hope you get a million. 🙂

  3. 13:02 I was surprised by this, I'm a perpetual noob and always split 10's

  4. New here, something I don't get. Why casinos would back you off even if you were losing almost 10K USD?

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