Determining Your Blackjack Bets: A Card Counter’s Guide

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Knowing what to bet is absolutely essential as a card counter. There are huge risks to both over-betting and under-betting.

In this video, Colin explains the top things to consider about your bet spread, how to figure out what to bet, and the best advice he ever received to make as much money as possible as a card counter.

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Determining Your Blackjack Bets: A Card Counter’s Guide

10 thoughts on “Determining Your Blackjack Bets: A Card Counter’s Guide

  1. Kinda like playing the stock market. Short term= put everything on one stock and hope for the best.
    Long term= pick a few and use the dollar cost averaging technique.

  2. I'm new to all this. What does it mean by a 1 to 8 bet spread? Does that mean that if your minimum bet was 5 dollars then the max bet you would make is 8x that amount?

  3. Hi Colin! I’ve watched many of your videos and bought your app. I appreciate the content. Using 1000 units and perfect BJ of course, do you think betting 1 unit less than than the true count is aggressive enough to have the edge over the house or do you think that’s too conservative? Thanks!

  4. I get upset because the people at the table don't play right. should I go into high limit games instead so I'm alone?

  5. Hey, I've searched quite a bit online for Single Deck Play and cant find enough… was just wondering what a good betting ramp would look like for Single Deck Blackjack since the True count often goes into double digits. Without a concern of risk, would One betting Unit per Positive True count be a good idea? eg ($10 at +1), ($20 at +2), ($50 at +5),($100 at +10)? or would it be more effective to be less aggressive for some reason? cool, thanks man

  6. do you change your basic strategy according to the count? for a beginner can i just adjust my bets and stick with basic strategy or will this just mean that i make nothing?

  7. If I get backed off can I color in or do they take the profit I've made off of them??

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