5 thoughts on “FOLLOW BASIC STRATEGY YOU IDIOT ! #blackjack #gambling

  1. Ok this may not go over well. You actually played that correctly. According to basic strategy using advanced deviation after you hit 2 times into a 16 the correct thing to do is stay. People that play by basic strategy only agree with this but when you use Advanced strategy this is actually the correct play you can look it up as Blackjack deviation. There is actually a bunch of stuff that goes against basic strategy once you start hitting a hand

  2. "Rule of 45" says you DID play basic strategy. A 3 or more card 16 in which your hand contains at least one 4 or one 5 is a stay, generally. The hit/stand decision on 16v10 is razor thin where deck composition matters. I would have made the same stay and lost the same way.

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