How to Count Cards (Blackjack) (2018)

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Learn How to Count Cards from DarkStar. DarkStar is a professional blackjack player. Also learn WHY to count cards and how you can make money playing blackjack.

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How to Count Cards (Blackjack) (2018)

10 thoughts on “How to Count Cards (Blackjack) (2018)

  1. Beside the big spit gulpings at 6:00 the washing mashine kicks in… some people are totally senseless to what they‘re doing and never rehearse themselve.

  2. I bet this dude is a cow with human hands. Every time he swallows he sounds like one😂

  3. Before you people run down to the casino trying to count cards, you should know you quko run into lossing streaks sooner or later so you better have some cash put up to cover your lossing sessions and if you dont know the different variations and you are not perfect and counting and basic strategy and If you dont have time to play for hours my advise is dont waste your time

  4. One time a started counting outloud for about 10 minutes shortly after I was asked to leave lol

  5. Dont forget to tell people they will lose alot counting cards. Especially with such a small advantage on favorable hands. This requires a bankroll, lots of hours of play, losing streaks and travel time especially after your banned from casinos.

  6. From a beginner & non reader this clicked 4 me, tks for slow playing it 4 us newbies Keep em coming Dark*

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