How To Count Cards with the Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Course

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In this video American Casino Guide associate editor, Matt Bourie, learns how to count cards at the Blackjack Apprenticeship training course in Las Vegas. The class is taught by two former pro players: Colin Jones and Ben Crawford, who led a successful card counting team that won millions of dollars. Their team was composed primarily of members of their church and a documentary film was made about their exploits: Holy Rollers – The True Story of Card Counting Christians. Matt explains what the course was like and gives his thoughts on what he learned. Following that there is an interview with American Casino Guide author Steve Bourie and Colin Jones who is a co-founder of the Blackjack Apprenticeship training course.

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How To Count Cards with the Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Course

10 thoughts on “How To Count Cards with the Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Course

  1. They say it's a team with a million dollar bank roll. That means that they divided millions and probably won hundreds of thousands each. Which, if you're doing it playing cards, is cool 🙂 not amazing or even ritzy, but it is what it is.

  2. They won millions. They charge hundreds for this workshop and can't afford a table top fold up blackjack layout that sits on a dinner table. they have them playing on an ottoman. Really ? Sounds like cheap overpriced workshops.

  3. I went for 2k to 160k in 15 mins on a blackjack app. fake money. all gut based training.

  4. why would they teach this in stead of playing its because there is more to gambling than card counting that's why most counters are big losers

  5. Guys Guys Guys!!! Listen to me! There is no way you can beat the casino by counting anything these days. They use multiple decks and an automatic shuffler which brings your chances of counting down to zero. My tests show that by betting only $5 a hand you can play for hours just having the basic strategy card. The only way you can win is by collecting points from the casino for every hand. But! The point system of casinos bad these days. Ex. I used to make roughly $50-70 in points just by playing a $100 for hours. Now I get only $2. Economy bad and casinos are cutting benefits like crazy.

  6. And just think. If you made millions on playing, would you waste your time teaching people for money to become rich? There is no logic in that. So, all these teachings are bogus. These strategies are only good for delaying the inevitable. Your loss!

  7. I find it guyic that Matt Bourie would make his study of blackjack known (unless he was trying to land a good career working for a casino).

  8. I remember bootcamp, it taught me what its like to be a dog, well a dog learns things from experience, so its best to go to the casinos and learn the game yourself. The bootcamp they offer is more than likely monitored by the casinos, they will teach you how to count cards, how to shuffle track, how to play basic strategy, but in the end this wont save you from losing streaks, or coming out at the end of the year over break even. Winning comes with experience. You have to recognize favorable and unfavorable card patterns, you have to know when to switch tables, you have to know when to raise your bets, card counting wont make you the winner in this, I know from years of playing, its recognition of many variances in the game and experience that wins the day. Know when to leave too!

  9. look at the cards dealt out to a full table at 0:44 of this video ~ not even one 10 nor face card ~ ha ha ha ha ha

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