I Tried Card Counting Online And It Was A Disaster!

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Can you count cards online? Does card counting even work online? And if you can count cards online for blackjack… is it worth doing? If it is possible, when playing blackjack will they back you off for card counting online? Let’s find out. By the way, could you please follow me on twitter & instagram @stevenbridges?

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I Tried Card Counting Online And It Was A Disaster!

10 thoughts on “I Tried Card Counting Online And It Was A Disaster!

  1. What would you have done differently? Did I miss anything?
    Let me know! Btw, if you haven’t already, I’d hugely appreciate a follow on twitter & instagram, because it makes me HAPPY: @StevenBridges

  2. I play on online casinos and i cash out without a problem, except this one time cash app didn’t accept my deposit, so I use Coinbase instead

  3. I like your beard. 🙂 All the Very Sads had me giggling after a while. Glad you didn't lose All your money, and glad you did the research for us. Thanks! 🙂

  4. You can’t count cards online I’ve tried so many times but they cut the deck in half or more than half so it’s almost impossible

  5. Rollbit casino doesn't ask for ID or any of this and will never have issues upon cashing out

  6. See the thing with online blackjack decks is that you can never be sure that they’re using 6 decks…
    They always cut the show in half, so you never get a chance to actually see if they not adding more low cards in the deck.

  7. I play online with a provider that allowes double after split and it's worth it then I think

  8. Haven't watched yet but on all the gambling sites I've tried, the deck gets swapped with a shuffled one after every hand so counting is impossible

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