10 thoughts on “Lighting Blackjack Is The Toughest Table Game Ever Smh #shorts #Draftkings #Blackjack

  1. All bj tables in an online casino are scam, they use montage and green screen,, the card you see is an empty card with a bar code hahaha u should stop

  2. Not just lighting bj, all online casinos are rigged, you might win sometimes but you will lose everything at the end thats 4 sure

  3. simplesmente se vc tivesse pedido vc ia tirar o 10 do cara fazendo ele ter menos chance de ganhar e ainda ter continuado com os 17

  4. People lose on gambling (a thing made for you to lose) and be shocked when there money is gone 😂 it’s for entertainment and sometimes you win but you’ll lose more

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