‘Play Like the Dealer’ Blackjack Strategy: Does It Work?

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The dealer seems to win a lot, so why not play the same way? In this video, Colin and David talk through the ‘Play Like the Dealer’ strategy: what is is, why it doesn’t work, and just how very costly it can be.

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‘Play Like the Dealer’ Blackjack Strategy: Does It Work?

10 thoughts on “‘Play Like the Dealer’ Blackjack Strategy: Does It Work?

  1. Another strategy that will exterminate your EV – https://youtu.be/aeHXyImbC10

  2. If you think that the "cards counting" were working for you so well; do you think you would be selling to us online instead of keeping it to yourselves?

  3. Not only it does not work but you are giving a huge House Edge to the casino.

  4. This is the reason why basic strategy always tell us to stand on 12-16 on a dealers weak up-card. A lot of new Blackjack players don't pay attention to what the dealer's weak upcard. Some players assume that they have to have a strong hand like 19-21 to beat the dealer so they will keep hitting when they are close to 21 no matter what. The reason why that won't work cuz if both the player and dealer bust, the player loses. My best advise for new players or any blackjack player is to always follow basic strategy. This video has very good explanation and it teaches a lot of players that are new to blackjack. Props for another AWESOME VIDEO.

  5. Hey, I love these videos, they're very helpful and appreciate that you upload them free of charge. As someone who likes playing blackjack but wants to make a go at seriously trying to count cards, do you know how much you reduce the casino's edge if you play the deviations but don't change your bets? I want to start out by trying to keep the count in a casino and play whatever basic strategy deviations first without changing bets, and wonder how much that shrinks the house's edge. Obviously not a long term strategy, but good practice I feel like.

  6. I always assumed if you counted cards the casino would throw you out.

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