Playing Blackjack with Fibonacci

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I have learned a lot about each of the betting systems I’ve put to the test so far. I can’t yet say that there is conclusive evidence for or against any particular system. Still, I have gained much insight into the mechanics and weaknesses of each system.

The Fibonacci betting system can be particularly confusing when applied to Blackjack. This is because of the potential for non-linear wins and losses in Blackjack due to splits, double-downs and Blackjack bonus pays. The real difficulty is dealing with multiple losses from splits and double-downs when using Fibonacci. After some use cases, I figured out how to deal with these multiple losses and maintain the integrity of the intent of the Fibonacci system.

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Playing Blackjack with Fibonacci

10 thoughts on “Playing Blackjack with Fibonacci

  1. So my main questions would be what r the odds of splitting 8s without busting vs making hands on both win percentage. I split them always but dont bust them which I think is the wrong play but is it a veey small percentage or a large one. The whole 9s vs a nine as well with the same idea bust vs non bust.

  2. There is only 1 system that works I’ve been practising at home for over 1 year about to take it to the casinos wish me the best 🙏🙏

  3. I played the blk jack machine just to try your method. Was in so far as I had split then doubled. Bet the sum of the last 2bets came back up and finally was up 20% of my INV. Will Kip price.

  4. I used the variation of the Fibonacci on each of the 3 columns of the roulette table which gives a 1:2 odds. If a column hits a 5 losing streak, I exchange the bet amount with the hot streak columns. I capitalize 376 units to each column for a 12 deal chance to win for each.Everytime i win, I reset the bet to one for that column. I treat each column bet independently. Its like playing 3 sets a time. Unless the house hits double zero, one of my columns win and i just reset it. When i hit my quota, 376×3, I just play the column until it wins and stop. I continue with the other two column bets until both win then i stop. Know your limit because not everyday is Christmas. Oh play at the roulette with on 1 zero on the wheel. It improves your odds. Too bad I can't video my gameplay.

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