Professional Blackjack players analyze Card Counting scenes from Movies & TV shows Part 2

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Colin & Loudon Ofton two professional blackjack players are back to watch scenes from popular movies & TV shows about card counting. Watch as they give their professional commentary on how card counting is depicted in mainstream media.

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0:00 Intro
0:18 The Last Casino
4:32 The Simpsons
6:27 Malcom in the Middle
7:53 Numb3rs
9:34 The Mentalist
12:25 Learn More

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Professional Blackjack players analyze Card Counting scenes from Movies & TV shows Part 2

10 thoughts on “Professional Blackjack players analyze Card Counting scenes from Movies & TV shows Part 2

  1. Never hit on 17
    Unless your loudon. He has the story where the next card in shoe was flipped and it was a 4. So loudon doubled it..

  2. For the mentalist we shoud say that he remembered the whole deck before …. he didn't just counted

  3. Saving all my penny's to get $500. I can FLY under the radar, make a killin', AND meet great people to break bread with.

  4. The last casino is what got me into card counting although a lot of fiction, I believe their back room scenes was much more realistic than 21 back room scenes of getting physical touched, at least for modern day. Although not completely realistic, it provides you a realistic view of how bad a team can go with one person leading and not being transparent. Most of the films can’t realistically depict card counting as it will take away this illusion from it that entertains so many people of being a math genius. But I can say the last casino was very influential in me learning how to look into actual card counting, which is why I’m still grateful to the film, even though it wasn’t completely real.

  5. Yep its kinda funny how bad these movies handle this with so ,any good sources I mean they hire animal trainers if a dog makes a cameo do your homework hollywood

  6. Hey Colin quick question. I have been backed off 4 casinos this weekend after playing for 2 hours at each casino. The worst part of it was I was told my “game is too good” even after I told them I was down 800$ on the session. Is a 1-16 bet spread too aggressive? Should I use a 1-8 bet spread to be able to last longer in a casino?

  7. The last casino is almost as realistic you can get in card counting.

  8. In all fairness to The Mentalist, I believe he was memorizing all the cards and not counting them because he is that kind of character, but i think he was there for a purpose to expose that dealer, not to play basic strategy.

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