Real Money Blackjack? – Blackjack RNG – See The Difference When It’s “Fair Play” – Watch To The End!

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So, everyone knows you can’t trust Blackjack in general, and especially online where the Casinos just rig you to lose after so many wins initially… right?

Tonight I show you the difference between all the other nonsense you’ve witnessed online and offline with Blackjack games that are not RNG Certified, and I show you how with a progressive real money blackjack strategy that increases min bet sizes every so many hands, you can actually make a profit this way!

In fact, because it’s RNG Certified, we’re guaranteed “Fair Play”, which means when it loses, you will lose for a while but when you win, the winning streaks will last more than 1-2 times in a row and that’s where being on the higher side of your bets makes all the difference in being able to cash flow in a very negative game like Blackjack.

But tonight… just wait until the very end to see the final result!

Did I win or lose with my wild and hard-to-follow bets or was I playing a BIG betting system that starts off low but ends up high with a nearly guaranteed profit every time, provided you have the right mindset and bankroll? Or am I just a lucky SOB?

In either case, provided you haven’t learned about, you should, because I show you all kinds of cool training videos on the BFXU and it’s a place where serious gamers can go and relax and learn more PRO gaming to master the games we show here.

Since I don’t care about Blackjack the way I do Baccarat, here’s the HOW of the system:

1 1 1 2 4 8 10 (This betting sequence is NOT mine, just the idea to run through and increase min bet sizing to ensure that when the winning streak does happen, we hit that cashflow).

You go in that order with bets when losing, if you win at any time you need to win 2x in a row to start over otherwise if you win then lose you jump to the next.

And then you start at $5 and then run through that system or stop when you hit your win stop.

If you get to the end of the 8 and are down or not up yet in profit, you simply increase the min
bet to $10 and start the sequence over.

To play the system effectively, you need at least 100x the min bet for the 3rd increase.

So say you plan to min bet starting at $5, then you add a $5 every time you jump,
so the 3rd increase would be $15 in which case you need $1,500 to play my system effectively.


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Real Money Blackjack? – Blackjack RNG – See The Difference When It’s “Fair Play” – Watch To The End!

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  1. It’s really hard to tell what your betting system is. Would you mind explaining it please? Also, what is this online game you’re playing? Do they allow doubling after a split?

  2. Awesome video Brunson! That online casino looks radical. As for the CFC certified I can only wish that the casino I play at had this. They use the automatic revolving shuffler that has some kind of programmed shuffle for Baccarat….stuff like 5 runs on a player then it will hit a super six over and over, so if you were playing AIM it would cut your win in half. Thanks for posting this video Brunson as it is informative and entertaining!

  3. BFX, I usually enjoy your videos and strategies. As a kind and non discriminatory suggestion, I admit with another comment that it was uncertain and difficult to understand what your strategy was in this video my friend. For the sake of future vid's you may post, maybe be a bit more defined on explaining your process and strategies. As always, I give you a huge thanks for sharing your videos! You're still "The Man" and a great contributor to the community…

  4. Do you live in the US? Best place to play baccarat online from the US? 1XBet isn’t allowed in the US

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