“SEASAW” Blackjack System Review

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“SEASAW” Blackjack System Review

10 thoughts on ““SEASAW” Blackjack System Review

  1. “ Good luck sir, but I doubt it”. 😂😂. Interesting system. Slow down when talking to the camera. It’s tough not to speak over each other and that will get easier with each video. The thing you guys did amazingly well….explaining the system several times throughout the video and then giving your opinions on the system along with helpful modifications. I’d watch more of this team. Great 1st video.

  2. I missed David, Timmy and Alex in these system videos.
    The player talks too fast, difficult to follow his conversation

  3. You did not complete sa cycle. After the 5 units you did 2 units next you should do 4 inits but you did a 3 units. You make a mistake check 7:27. Next time be consistent playing a system or maybe you can check before you post.

  4. Give the rookies a chance…. The main guys must be so busy I'm not surprised they gotta hand off some videos to their B team ☺️

  5. maybe I am wrong? I thought the first round you skip a step if you double and win… second round you doubled and won several times and you stayed on same pattern?

  6. Is this like the episode of The Office, when Jim hired his Asian friend to replace him to screw with Dwight? Then, Pam just played along like nothing was going on?

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