10 thoughts on “The best blackjack strategy that you can’t find anywhere Part 1 Of Part 2

  1. the only thing he got wrong was saying hit a 13 against dealer 2. he should have said hit 12 against dealer 3.

  2. Most casinos check for the dealer to have blackjack with ace up, which allows you to lose only one bet if the dealer has blackjack when you have a double down hand. The only casinos that would not check for the dealer to have blackjack with an ace up are those where the dealer doesn't take a hole card until all of the players have completed their hands, which is common in Europe.. The defense in ""no hole card" blackjack is to not double down against the dealer's ace.

  3. you always split 8's, no matter what. 16 is the worst count to have, and splitting 8's will result in a better situation 100% of the time

  4. Aside from a Surrender I see a lot of strategies that say to Hit on a 15 or 16.  However, if the true count is plus-3 or greater you will probably bust.  Thus, it would be best to Stand and see if the dealer busts.  Your thoughts?

  5. I dont understand why u would split 8s against dealer 10 i mean the best hand that u can get is proprbly a 18 and an 18 is a pretty weak hand

  6. I've been playing blackjack for most my life and I've been splitting 8,s always unless I was going bad and the amount of bet I had.i look at it this way if I stay I probably lose if split maybe I get to double ,they say if the dealer is showing 9 and up surrender. ,I never surrender and never buy insurance . anything the casino offers it's to their benefit.once I bought insurance I had a 20 and dealer was showing the ace ,I was losing and I was chasing I figured if the dealer checks and no blackjack I would double on my 11, however I was down to my last $1000 and some change with $500 bet so I bet $500 insurance which I lose and I also lost the double down cause I got a nine and the dealer made a 21.So never buy . believe me if it didn't favor the casino it wouldn't be there.my advise is leave once you make 25percent of your bank and if you decide one day to go for it make sure you play with their money the winnings only. If your winning afew hundred one day let it roll till you reach table max

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