Top Misconceptions about Card Counting

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Most people assume that if you say you’re a card counter then what that really means is you’re some sort of super-genius who can turn $100 into a million dollars in a few minutes. But unfortunately, you’re breaking the law to and likely to end up getting pistol-whipped by Lawrence Fishburne in the bowels of the casino. In this video, Colin, David, and Dusty explain the truth behind 5 of the most common card counting misconceptions.

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Top Misconceptions about Card Counting

10 thoughts on “Top Misconceptions about Card Counting

  1. I have another question,if the casino offers surrender,let’s say every time that I get a hard 16 and the dealer has 10,it’s better if I use the surrender or to hit?sorry for my English.thank you

  2. I have a question about index plays. If index plays are based off of the flooring method would that mean that 12 vs 4 would be a hit instead of stand on any negative count? If so then shouldn't 16 v 10 and 12 v 4 be a deviation in between 0 and however many decks are left in the shoe? Would love some feedback as i am a little confused.

  3. Yes I see casino as an ATM & yes I won big & I lose small I’m up $1400 for the weekend easy

  4. I would love to see a video discussing the evolution of card counting throughout the decades

  5. I remember thinking that card counting would make me rich in less than one hour because it happened to some people in the movies (like Rain Man).

  6. There are so many players worse at blackjack than these guys are good, and that is saying something. This is why casinos don't need to change their rules, and why they won't for a long time

  7. If you played 1200 sessions I'm surprised you say had no break even sessions with 650 winning sessions and 550 losing sessions. More important is the money won or lost in those sessions.

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