WIN $2,100 in THREE SPINS!! “Chamba In & Out” Roulette System

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WIN $2,100 in THREE SPINS!! “Chamba In & Out” Roulette System

10 thoughts on “WIN $2,100 in THREE SPINS!! “Chamba In & Out” Roulette System

  1. If u use the 4 chips being used on the dozens + the street unit inside u can cover straight ups and splits… So the loss isnt that devastating

  2. First of all, the 29 hit on your 4th spin, which was uncovered in your first 3 patterns. So you would have lost it all there if you were the same person. So you didn't go 6 spins without loss. Secondly, I'd also move the bet from the number that just won to an uncovered one in the same quad. IMHO, slight increase in chances because I think it's extremely unlikely the same number will hit twice in a row.

  3. Will you shut the love up pls. You are not funny and its fuccing annoying that you think you are and just keep going.

  4. I hate the fact that the long term statistics on this strategy are terrible. Risk wayyyy to much to win too little. Run this scenario 1000 times with the payouts factored in and see what happens. The Casino would be licking their chops.

  5. اعتمادلشگرارتشبدخاتم
    نونتردام،پاندای کمونیست، کرملین روباه پیر، خرس صمد .
    ارتش شاهنشاهی GAD

  6. Here is the way to do it. You want to bet 26 numbers including 0 &00 with $100.00 chips. bet on all numbers EXCEPT 11,13,14,15,16,18,19,21,22,24.25,31. Every roll if you hit is $1,000.00

  7. First and second dozen (column or row doesn't matter) and six numbers in remainder gives you the same payback and odds without having to set so many numbers every roll, any reason not to try it this way?

  8. I do not recommend but that the casino the wheel is not the same and they do not have the same kind of weight ball

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