WINNER “Stern Betting” Blackjack System Review

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WINNER “Stern Betting” Blackjack System Review

10 thoughts on “WINNER “Stern Betting” Blackjack System Review

  1. On the first win you should parlay and not progress in the betting system. This will allow you to maximize profit with lower risk

  2. Typically Stearns is that you parlay the first win without going to next bet. If you win you drop to level one. If you lose you move to next level.

  3. No system beats simply pressing when you win in blackjack or baccarat.

  4. How come you showcase playing with that many decks, but by yourself. Why not play two decks by yourself since nobody in the world in their right mind would do this many decks ? Also try not hitting if you have 14 or more… on the spot to the right. It would probably be winning many more hands

  5. Pretty sure for stern method to be run properly, you parlay every win, then when u win the parlay u go back to the start. If u lose the parlay you continue betting progression.

  6. "It'll be on the screen"- Timmy. I don't think Timmy ever proof reads his videos

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